Alcohol…Don’t let this ruin you. Its chemical properties are capable of fatality.

Experience Counts When Hiring A DUI Attorney to Defend You in Court

One of the most important traits to look for when hiring a DUI attorney in Los Angeles is experience. The punishment for a second or first time DUI conviction can be severe and can create lifelong problems if you are convicted. Hiring a qualified and experienced DUI attorney can significantly alter the outcome of your arrest. The problem is that a lot of people facing DUI charges do not know how to accurately assess the competence of an attorney before entrusting their future to them.

Why Is Experience A Plus When You Are Facing DUI Charges?

One of the most common penalties of a DUI conviction is the temporary suspension or permanent loss of your driver’s license. For commercial drivers the possibility of losing your CDL is even greater than non-commercial drivers.  In addition, if convicted of a DUI, you can be incarcerated for a minimum if one year and may also be subjected to pay a high fine. Needless to say, a DUI conviction may raise you vehicle insurance rates significantly for many years to come.

The aforementioned are just a small cross-section of the penalties you may face if convicted of a DUI. Due to the severity of the penalties, it is vital that you seek the services of an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney, as opposed to an incompetent lawyer that may not possess the necessary skills to protect you from these calamitous conditions. An experienced attorney can easily navigate the court system and pinpoint all loopholes that may help you to avoid a conviction. Often times you will have to take a breathalyzer test at the time of arrest.

An experienced DUI attorney is familiar with the arguments and complexities that surround DUI charges. For example, the attorney can assess the cases to determine if the officer had probable cause to make the arrest. If the officer did not have probable cause to make the arrest, an experienced attorney will be able to get the judge to suppress the case against you. An experienced DUI attorney will know all defense arguments that can be used to avoid a conviction.

“With experience comes knowledge”

The debate about the importance of experience vs. knowledge has long been an issue. When it comes to finding the right DUI defense attorney, both experience and education are key traits you should look for. “With experience comes knowledge”, therefore you cannot have one without the other. If you are facing DUI charges you should take all necessary precautions to find the right lawyer that can help you to avoid a conviction. You can find us at